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Each spring, the Middlesex County Historical Society holds its annual William E. Sheedy Memorial Contest.  The contest is open to all third graders in Middletown public and private schools.  We ask that you give each of the children in your class the packet of information about the contest and encourage your students to enter.

Our online exhibit, Their Own Storiesexplores the lives of a number of families from many different backgrounds who made Middletown their home.  Your students may find the exhibit instructive as they think about their own family stories.

The Sheedy History Contest taps into the students’ innate inquisitive spirits and hones their research skills as they use a variety of techniques as well as primary and secondary sources to create their depictions.  They interview family members, dig up old newspaper clippings, and unearth photographs and documents to explore the connections between a loved one’s life and the era he or she lived in.

Please note that we ask all entries to be in essay or scrapbook form–posters, videos, audiotapes or other electronic formats will not be accepted.

Entries are due to to us in early April.  In May, we contact each winner by mail and inform each school principal of winners from their school.  We also provide you with certificates of participation and special pencils for each participant, and return the original entries.  Teachers and winning students receive invitations to a reception to be held in June at the General Mansfield House at 151 Main Street, Middletown.

If you have any questions call the Historical Society at 346-0746 or email us.