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Since 1990, the Middlesex County Historical Society has sponsored a contest to honor its longtime treasurer, the late William E. Sheedy.  The contest is intended to promote each student’s awareness of his or her family history.  Third-grade students in Middletown public, private and parochial schools are eligible to enter the contest.

The Sheedy History Contest taps into students’ innate inquisitive spirits and hones their research skills as they use a variety of techniques as well as primary and secondary sources to create their depictions.  They interview family members, dig up old newspaper clippings, and unearth photographs and documents to explore the connections between a loved one’s life and the era he or she lived in.

Entries are judged on their creativity, neatness and overall presentation.  Winners receive a $20 cash award and all participants are presented with a certificate of participation and a special pencil.  We will celebrate all those who enter the contest at a reception at General Mansfield House in June.  Judging is conducted by an impartial panel of teachers, historians and officers of the Middlesex County Historical Society.

We hope you encourage your child to enter.